28 Jul 2017

Salad Dish Consisting vegetables

A salad is a dish consisting of a mixture of small pieces of food usually featuring vegetables. They are typically served at room temperature or chilled with notable exceptions such as south German potato salad which is served warm. Salads may contain virtually any type of ready to eat food. The word first appears as salad or sallet in the 16th century. Garden salads use a base of leafy greens like lettuce’ arugula kale or spinach they are common enough that the word salad alone often refers specifically to garden salads. Other types include bean salad’ tuna salad’ fattoush’ Greek salad and Japanese semen salad a noodle based salad. Salads have been popular for the health benefits provided by them. This dish has evolved over the years and thus many different types of salads exist today. Broadly they can be classified into simple and mixed types. Salad is a dish which is made by using raw edible food items like fruits and vegetables. It is tossed with other cooked or uncooked vegetables or other food items. The word salad has been derived from the word sal which means salt. This is due to the fact that salt has remained the key ingredient for dressing of salads. It is generally served cold or at room temperature. It is important to mention that salads should be prepared only with fresh ingredients and no compromise should be made on the quality of ingredients. Salads are known for nutritional value provided by them. Vegetables other than greens may be used in a salad. Common raw vegetables used in a salad include cucumbers’ peppers’ tomatoes’ onions’ spring onions’ red onions’ carrots’ celery and radishes. Other ingredients such as mushrooms’ avocado’ olives’ hard boiled egg’ artichoke hearts’ heart of palm’ roasted red bell peppers’ green beans’ croutons’ cheeses’ meat bacon chicken or seafood tuna shrimp are sometimes added to salads. A bound salad can be composed arranged or tossed put in a bowl and mixed with a thick dressing. They are assembled with thick sauces such as mayonnaise. One portion of a true bound salad will hold its shape when placed on a plate with an ice cream scoop. Examples of bound salad include tuna salad’ pasta salad’ chicken salad’ egg salad and potato salad. Dessert salads rarely include leafy greens and are often sweet. Common variants are made with gelatin or whipped cream. jello salad pistachio salad and ambrosia. Other forms of dessert salads include snickers salad’ glorified rice and cookie salad popular in parts of the Midwestern United States. Main course salads as dinner salads and commonly known as entrĂ©e salads in North America may contain grilled or fried chicken pieces’ seafood such as grilled or fried shrimp or a fish steak such as tuna’ mahi-mahi or salmon or sliced steak such as sirloin or skirt. Caesar salad’ Chef salad’ Cobb salad’ Chinese chicken salad and Michigan salad are dinner salads. There is a rule when dressing salads: The more delicate the texture and flavor of the greens the lighter and more subtle the dressing should be. Mayonnaise based dressings should be used for stronger flavored greens while a vinegar oil dressing should be used for lighter greens. A salad is a serving in a meal that includes leaf vegetables such as lettuce’ spinach’ or arugula. Uncooked or cold cooked vegetables that are sliced into small pieces tomato or onion are then mixed with the leaf vegetables. A salad dressing or vinaigrette is then poured on top of the vegetables. Egg salad is often used as a sandwich spread’ typically made of chopped hard boiled eggs’ mayonnaise’ mustard minced celery or onion’ salt pepper and paprika. Tomatoes and basil fresh from the garden are tossed with olives bell peppers rotini pasta then dressed with a creamy piquant blend of mayonnaise red wine vinegar and garlic. Let the salad chill overnight to bring out the snappy flavors. Part green salad part antipasto salad this recipe combines lettuce’ celery’ onion’ pepperoni olives and cherry tomatoes all tossed in a dressing made with olive oil vinegar and a little mayonnaise. A bread salad made from toasted or fried pieces of pita bread combined with mixed greens and other vegetables. Seafood and vegetables over hard tack arranged into a decorative pyramid and dressed with a rich sauce salad consisting of grated cheese’ grated carrot and a mayonnaise dressing. Bound salads are often used as sandwich fillings. They are popular at picnics and barbecues. Warm salad contains a warm or cooked item as one of its ingredient. For example a salad containing cooked meat will be known as a warm salad. The presence of warm ingredients makes these salads desirable during winters. Warm potato salad and char grilled lamb salad are two such examples. Fruit salads are made of fruit and include the fruit cocktail that can be made fresh or from canned fruit. A composed salad is a salad arranged on a plate rather than put into a bowl. It can be used as a meal in itself rather than as a part of a meal. Eat Salads for the Health Benefits of Fruits and Vegetables. High in polyphenols and vitamin E along with monounsaturated fats the green fruit helps protect and nourish your skin cells. Russian Salad is a potato salad with many variations to it. In its most basic form it is diced potatoes and cooked vegetables mixed in mayonnaise. The vegetables are usually diced carrot and green peas often canned or frozen. Russian Salad has also has become popular in Spain where tuna is added. Iranian versions usually add chicken. They're that healthy. Most of us are aware of this in a general sort of way. The specifics of their healthfulness are a bit less widely known and specifically salads are both full of heart healthy cancer fighting cell building ingredients and are fantastic weight loss and weight maintenance tools.