28 Jul 2017

How To Use Sea Salt Spray

Sea salt is salt produced from the evaporation of seawater rather than by being extracted from sedimentary deposits. It is used in cooking and cosmetics. It is also called bay salt or solar salt. Like mineral salt production of sea salt has been dated to prehistoric times. There is little or no health benefit to using sea salt over other forms of sodium chloride salts. Sea Salt Spray is a product that helps you style your hair into that wet messy beach look everyone loves. It gives your hair beautiful waves due to the salt component in the spray. Many sea salt products use Epsom salt and not actual sea salt. Salt water is renowned for absorbing the natural oils in hair which is why during summer holidays so many of us gain a new found texture volume and natural curl. Murdock Sea Salt Spray has been developed to recreate this much sought after effect on a daily basis helping to make the difference between simply neatening up your hair in the morning and laying the foundations for sculpting a defined natural style. Sea salt spray is most commonly used to create beach inspired wavy hairstyles, but the product is actually more versatile than that. Sea spray refers to aerosol particles that are formed directly from the ocean mostly by ejection into the atmosphere by bursting bubbles at the air sea interface. The salt spray test is the notable measure of material endurance, particularly if the material will be used outdoors and must perform in a mechanical load bearing or otherwise critical role. These results are often of great interest to the marine industries whose products may suffer extreme acceleration of corrosion and subsequent failure due to the salt water environment. You’ll find this inspiration running right the way through our collections. Pretty, unique prints on cotton dresses and skirts flattering tunic tops and cropped trousers. Beautiful fabrics soft Breton tops cool linen dresses and top quality summer knitwear. Plus classic Sea salt icons and outfitting pieces: striped tops floral printed skirts and beautiful coats for women that are perfect for summer. Our bodies contain the same concentration of minerals and nutrients as sea water so it’s no wondering that sea salt is a natural ally to balance’ protect and restore the body and skin. One of the major differences between sea salt and ordinary salt is the mineral content Sea salt is laden with minerals including magnesium, calcium, sodium, and potassium all of which play a key role in our skin's health’ function and cellular communication. When your skin's mineral balance is off kilter symptoms such as dryness dullness’ irritation and blotchiness ensue especially as the colder dryer weather sets in. Bringing sea salt from the kitchen into your beauty routine can help balance and improve hydration strengthen the protective barrier of our skin and kick-start the cell to cell communication signals that slow down with age. Tips for using sea salt sprays in dry hair Always use sea salt spray as the last step in your styling process. Finish blow drying or curling your hair and apply any serums or creams. Then use sea salt spray as the final sprits on the millionths to the ends of your hair. Sea Salt spray or Beach Waves Spray has gained popularity lately and it is the product most often used for those beach waves that are so popular. Many of the sea salt sprays are also drying to the hair as salt pulls moisture and natural oils out. Salt softens cuticles and skin and strengthens nails. Baking soda and lemon work to reduce yellowing and stains for brighter healthier looking nails. Salt and baking soda are both gentle abrasives that will help remove stains and brighten teeth. Salt also contains a natural source of fluoride which is a bonus for your teeth and gums. Salt acts as a disinfectant to kill the bacteria that can cause bad breath and gingivitis. Salt helps loosen and remove existing flakes while stimulating circulation for a healthy scalp. The ingredient also absorbs excess oil and moisture to prevent fungal growth and inhibit the root of dandruff. Salt absorbs dirt’ grime and toxins and cleanses your skin's pores deeply. Salt's mineral content helps restore the protective barrier in skin and helps it hold hydration. You may notice that your skin won't wrinkle or prune after a good long soak in salted water, which is evidence that a salt bath helps your skin retain its moisture. The magnesium in sea salt may also help reduce water retention bloating in the body. Salt is a gentle natural exfoliate that sloughs off dead skin. It also has minerals to soften skin and restore hydration. Both salt and honey have anti inflammatory properties to soothe skin and calm breakouts and irritation. They also help to balance oil production and retain hydration in the layers of skin where it's needed most. Salt is a gentle natural exfoliate that sloughs off dead skin. It also has minerals to soften skin and restore hydration. Mix one teaspoon salt one teaspoon baking soda, one teaspoon lemon juice, and a half cup warm water in a small bowl. Soak nails in the solution for 20 minutes then scrub with a soft brush. Rinse hands and moisturize. Mix together a half teaspoon salt a half teaspoon baking soda and a quarter cup water until the salt dissolves. Swish the solution around in your mouth and between teeth. Spit then rinse. Mix one teaspoon salt and two teaspoons baking powder. Dip a damp toothbrush in the mixture and brush teeth normally. If the taste is too intense try putting a dab of toothpaste on the brush before dipping it in the mixture. Part your hair a few times and sprinkle one to two teaspoons of salt on your scalp. Using wet fingers massage your scalp gently and thoroughly for 20 to 25 minutes. Wash and condition your hair with your favorite products. The results will be immediate. Add one-third cup salt to a tub filled with warm water, and swish to dissolve the salt. Soak for 20 to 30 minutes. Mix a quarter cup salt and a half cup olive oil or softened coconut oil into a thick paste. If desired add 20 drops of your favorite essential oil. Apply in the shower with a washcloth loofah or the palms of your hands gently scrubbing your skin in a circular motion. Mix together a half cup salt a quarter cup pure aloe vera juice or gel a quarter cup oil one tablespoon dried lavender flowers and 20 drops essential oil of lavender. The resulting mixture should form a thick paste if it's too dry add a few extra drops of oil. Apply in the shower with a washcloth loofah or the palms of your hands gently scrubbing your skin in a circular motion. Mix two teaspoons sea salt with four teaspoons raw honey to create a spread able paste. Apply evenly to clean’ dry skin avoiding eye area. Let stand for 20 to 25 minutes. Before rinsing soak a washcloth in very warm water and gently wring out. Lay the warm washcloth on your face for 20 seconds. Use your fingers to gently exfoliate in a circular motion while rinsing your skin thoroughly with tepid water. Follow with your usual skin care routine. Mix one teaspoon sea salt with four ounces of warm water in small spray bottle until salt is dissolved. Mist on clean’ dry skin’ avoiding eyes. Use daily or twice daily.